Risk Control and Engineering

Aon's Risk Control and Engineering services cover every aspect of risk, identifying and quantifying it, giving advice on how it should be managed and providing focused risk related consultancy services.

Effective management of the risks facing business today is essential to protect market share and shareholder confidence.

Our consultants will work in partnership with you to

  • Identify and minimise the risks which threaten your business
  • Assist in the development and support of new or existing risk control programmes
  • Reduce your overall cost of risk

Our capabilities include:

  • Risk Control Organisation: Assisting with the development and structure of a risk control strategy and organisation together with policies, procedures and practises.
  • Asset Protection – Fire and Perils: evaluation and assessment of material damage and Business Intelligence risks and loss potentials for both general and highly protected risks, advice on protective/preventive measures and damage limitation controls.
  • Asset Protection - Security: general and specific review on security exposures, advice on the implementation of standards and procedures for protecting people, property and information as well as physical and electronic resources.
  • Health and Safety: management system audits, general and specific risk assessments, policy development, design and implementation of appropriate safety standards and procedures, specialist advice on legal requirements and compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
  • Engineering: evaluation of mechanical and electrical installations and systems. Identification of critical equipment, protections and preventive maintenance programmes, building structure reviews and monitoring of infrared and earthing surveys.
  • Fire Engineering: all aspects of fire engineering from design, monitoring tender submissions to approving drawings and commissioning of fire protection and detection systems.
  • Emergency Planning Procedures: Identify vital services and vulnerable areas and potentially hazardous goods/materials. Review existing plans and assist with the implementation of the full spectrum of emergencies, which may arise, taking various threats in to consideration.
  • Business Continuity Planning: project initiation, risk and business impact analysis, strategy development, liaison with other parties, detailed planning advice on plan preparation and contents. Staff training, plan testing and maintenance.
  • Motor Fleet: management system audits, general risk assessments, policy development, design and implementation of appropriate operating standards and procedures.
  • Information Technology: assessments of hardware and software fire and security protection standards, data and access control procedures and disaster recovery planning.
  • Training: providers of safety and fire defence training. Specific training on all aspects of risk management including self-audits.
  • Insurance Reports: all types of insurer related reports, EML/MPLs, Post Loss surveys, Engineering Breakdown surveys.
  • Infrared Thermographic Surveys: We have a specialist firm who undertakes infrared surveys on all electrical equipment on our behalf.
  • Additional Services: our outsourced specialist consultants can provide audits on liability, environmental issues and compliance, IT systems and structures. We can also arrange infrared scanning surveys.

Our team of consultants have considerable experience in risk control issues related to your business, be they strategic, operational or technical.

Aon's Risk Control consultants work closely with you to understand your business and provide practicable and cost effective solutions to help reduce risks and meet agreed aims, targets and business objectives.

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